Interested in information security management, then Gamma is the company for you…

We have been actively involved in developing the ISO/IEC 27001 standard since its very inception in 1998, and are playing a major role in its revision and the development of other standards in the 27000 family. We are users of ISO/IEC 27001, running our own integrated management systems. We have provided ISMS consultancy and training for over 24 years in Europe, East Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East. We carry out our own research.

Gamma is an active participant in the British and International Standards Committees that deal with information security.

We do not agree with a standards philosophy based upon "one size fits all". We understand the differences in the ways that small businesses and large businesses work. We recognise the "big enterprise" assumptions that unfortunately get built into many standards. We have worked hard to make standards development organisations recognise the limitations and needs of small businesses, and to develop efficient and effective techniques to apply standards – particularly information security standards – in the SME business context. Sometimes we have been successful, sometimes not.

Do you feel that current information security standards were developed without your needs in mind? Are you concerned that compliance with standards will increase your overheads, create bureaucracy and take away your competitive advantage? It needn’t be so. Let us show you how to become demonstrably "cyber secure" without imposing unrealistic requirements on your staff or getting in the way you manage your business.

Take a look at at our services, why we offer value for money, up-to-date information on the ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards, our research and who we are. We would be pleased to help you. Why not contact us now: send an email to enquiries@gammassl.co.uk or telephone +44(0)1276 702 505.